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 GL4000 diode laser vascular usesoptical fiber energy of specific wavelength to target effect on red blood capillary by foreign optical fiber technology,this uses MAX directional conduction technology,. It is instantaneous to break the hemoglobin in the capillary to make it into small molecular groups absorbed by tissue . distended capillary veins are instant contraction and solidification. The visible anti redness immediately disappeared. Don't worry about anti redness again.


1. all kinds of anti redness: spider vein, linear veins, flat (protuberant) angioma and so on.

2. Vascular lesions, facial flushand so on.


1, directly work on target tissue, the effect is more obvious

2. design of humanization and simply operation

3. importsGermany lasers, output is more accurate

4, over current, over-voltage ,overtemperature and automatic failure protection, the system is more safe.

It uses fiber coupled laser of980nm wavelength to destroy superficial capillaries. Hemoglobin has the most high optical absorption efficiency for 980nm wavelength. The heat generated by the wavelength makes the hemoglobin to be deactivation, and the distended capillary veinsbecome atrophy, thinner and shallower.

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