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skin lifting



One time treatment can see the result by our HIFU lifting machine ,some serious skin ageing and cutis laxacan do more treatment according the situation .Our HIFU has the most accurate energy location for wrinkle removal ,it can produce 65-72℃ heat then maximize to Stimulate collagen.

 HIFU use ultrasonic focusing to go directly SMAS layer to enhance the SMAS fascia suspension by its unique high-energy focusing ultrasonic,it can totally solve the Cutis laxa of face, it accuratelylocates to the 4.5mm fascia muscle layer by ultrasonic energy to get the plastic lifting and tightening result, it targets on 3mmCollagen layer the collagen can get recombination and rebirth, the skin can get restore elasticity, whitening, anti wrinkle, shrink pores and aging issues.It can make the skin rapidly lifting, firming up, wrinkles removal, At the same time the energy is slide over the epidermis, so you don't have to worry about epidermis injury.


1.firming upfacial skin2、 Improving the chin line and reduce, Diminish marionette line3、Improve skin quality,skin delicate and smooth 4、 neck wrinkles removal,Prevention of neck aging 5、improve skin elasticity,compact contour 6、Tighten the forehead skin tissue, enhance the eyebrow line 

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