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GL1000BUsed domestic advanced security technology, dual advantages of peaceful cap technology, energy density uniform for freckle removal, notcause the skin bleeding, no pigmentation and depigmentation phenomenon. The targeted study completely escaped the possibility of any side effects. 5 minutes to finish one time treatment, easy, quick, convenient! each interval has shortened to be 7-15 days. It greatly improves the efficiency of treatment. weakenstain, effective treatment of chloasma.

The method of chronic exfoliation is used to weaken pigments. The mature Q switch technology is used to blast the pigment cells by 1064nm wavelength in a short time of ns level, many times of treatment is used to gradually fade the pigment, so as to achieve the purpose of treating chloasma. safe freckle removal and perfect skin rejuvenation are in the same time ,it can quickly and effectively reduce the spots. The simple chloasma is cured over 99%. In many yearsthe clinical effect shows that over 85% of the stains have an amazing result, and there is no recurrence.


1. OTA, nevus of Ito, Mongolia spot, zygomaticofacial naevus fuscoceruleus, coffee spots, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, nevus, junctional nevus, blue nevus, melanosis, post inflammatory pigmentation, chloasma, freckles, sallow complexion, pigmentation, senile plaque, pigment spots, sunburn, pregnancy, pregnancy spots, wrinkles etc.

2.tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner and lip liner, the traumatic tattoo and pigmented skin lesions.

3.with the special treatment head, it is easy to make face andbody rejuvenation, shrink pores, weaken spots, whitening, black head removal and oil control.


1.The new technique of low output Q-Swithing is suitable for the treatment of intractable endothelial chromo disease

2.The double pulse energy of the 7 joint arm is more secure for various skin pigmented diseases removal.

3.Zoom & calibration laser gun, the real "flat top" output mode, the energy distribution is more uniform.

4.2-10mm high quality spot can be continuously adjustedwithout strength, treatment is more safe.

5.By the pulse width of 2ns, it has a slight pain in the treatment, a higher peak power, a more thorough crush of pigmentsand a more mild skin injury.

6.After configuring the spot regulator, we can get more stable spot area needed by doctors to ensure the consistency of treatment area. Strong cooling system ensures the system works continuously for 24 hours.

7.By the humanized interface it is very convenient and simple for the doctors and technicians to operate


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