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The laser instantaneously shoot most high energy, that efficiently smash the chromophore in the lesions, thePrinciple of photoluminescence demolitions: accumulational highest energy laser instantaneously shoot, 1064&532nm laser instantly reachthe lesions in a very short time (pulse width less than 6ns), the corresponding color groups absorbed optical energy then heat expansion and blasting fragmentation, a part of the color (epidermis) groups in the epidermal metabolism, another part (under epidermal tissue ) chromophore fragment into small particles,the phagocytosis of macrophages can digest them, after digestion the particles eventually excretedthrough the lymphatic circulation, disease dtissue will be gradually reduced until disappeared, at the same time the surrounding normal skin tissue does not absorb 1064&532nm laser it is almost without any damage. The shorter pulse width and more than 2000mJ pulse energy .It is similar in the treatment range, treatment effect, treatment safety degree etc with the  Q switch nd yag laser.


1.Endogenous pigmented skin problems: Tada Ito, Mongolia nevus, nevus, nevus zygomaticofacial naevus fuscoceruleus, coffee spots, freckles, seborrheic keratosis lesion nevus, junctional nevus, blue nevus, melanosis, post inflammatory pigmentation etc.

 2.Exogenous pigment skin problems: tattoo, tattoo, tattooed eyeliner, lip liner and traumatic tattoo and other pigmented skin lesions;

 3.Carton beauty: whitening , Oil control , Pore contraction


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