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Narrow spectrum light (DPL) is a new type of optical rejuvenation technology ,it is different with traditional photorejuvenation Technology (IPL, Intense Pulse Light), the spectrum of it is in the range of 500~600nm or 550~650nm,the band also includes the absorption peak of melanin,hemoglobin and oxygen.It makes the effective treatment energy to accurately focus ,then it can quickly and efficiently solve the facial pigmentation and telangiectasia (blush) problems.DPL narrower light is praised as epoch-making optical beauty rejuvenation technology because of its effective result beyond IPL and shortened treatment cycle.

The pulse width energy of it is more stable and the effective light is more than 2millions times.



Pigment diseases :freckles, sunburn, age pigment, coffee spots, pigmentation after inflammation

Vascular diseases : telangiectasis, acne red print, nevus flammeus, rosacea

Photoaging : thick pores, rough skin,tiny wrinkle.

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