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The IPL output energy of pulse width will decrease,it just can do fixed point hair removal.It can not do sliding hair removal,but OPT can do it,and the out put energy of OPT is more stable,it is a kind of updated technology from IPL.Effective light more than 300 thousand times, flash frequency technology of high energy density, rapid painless hair removal, large spot combined with fast sliding 10HZ can strengthen the skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, acne removal, vascular lesions therapy .


Our OPT GL100A use of multiple pulse technique .Every treatment need only 20-30 minutes, without any trauma to the skin ,do not need anesthesia during the treatment, only a slight burning sensation .After the treatment, you can immediately makeup, do not need special nursing after treatment, no physical or chemical side effects, the treatment process is so much safe.



Hair removal: GL100A can removal unwanted hair on all parts of the body, OPT core technology ensure the fine and light-colored hair removal effect.

Freckle: OPT technology is effective for freckles, seborrheic keratosis, freckles nevus and other epidermal pigmented lesions .Chloasma and Post inflammatory pigmentation can get thorough treatment.

Acne: OPT technique is particularly effective for the effective contraction of sebaceous glands.

Tender skin: OPT core technology guarantees the skin whitening and rejuvenation .The fine pores, the improvement of skin quality and the enhancement of skin elasticity have significant effect.

Vascular lesions: OPT core technology can treat red blood, facial flushing, hemangioma, nevus flammeus and other symptoms.



GL100A adopts six high-end inspection systems: water detection, hydrological monitoring, flow detection, handle detection, output function detection and fan speed detection.

GL100A products using high-definition touch screen, intelligent integration interface, handy easy touch.

There are three types of GL100A that can be free to switch (HR fixed-point /PR painless /SR slipping hair removal).

GL1000 has two kinds of filter gems, convenient exclusive outer filter technology, it can shorten the distance of filter sapphire and xenon lamp and enhance the optical-oriented! Coating technology of twelve layer filter sapphire ensure the optical purity and stability.

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